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New York Driver’s ‘Facial Recognition’ Attempt Failed Woefully

New York Driver's Face Recognition Attempt Failed Woefully - Surge Zirc SA
Storm clouds gather over the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, the skyline of uptown Manhattan and the East River on March 15, 2019, in New York.

New York’s attempt to recognize terrorists with facial recognition has landed in frustration as the result so far isn’t pleasant at all. Wall Street Journal obtained a Metropolitan Transportation Authority email that shows a 2018 technology experiment on New York City’s Robert F.

The Kennedy Bridge led adventure so far has failed fatally as it couldn’t even detect a single face ‘within reasonable parameters.’ An MTA representative said the pilot program is going to continue at RFK and other bridge and tunnels.

We aren’t certain where the failure lies, but we’re looking at the early state of facial recognition at these speeds, meanwhile, Oak Ridge National Laboratory scooped more than 80 percent accuracy in their study of spotting faces through windshields. Though that success was at a lower speed. Not quite sure of what will happen at a bridge.

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Facial recognition is already a controversial subject, talk more of now that it’s being used to peep into cars. ”Whether or not you see it as an Orwellian intrusion that could lead to abuses of power, there are accuracy problems at the best of times.” said analyst.

Some of the problems that have been discovered with the facial recognition system is its inability to recognize blacks and women as well. It also can’t tell if a culprit can wear a mask or other form of disguise or not. While dealing with the absence of terrorist detection system foolproof, there’re possibilities of current approaches being able to generate false positives or let suspects zoom off the net.

Source: Engadget

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