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Whatsapp Latest Update Lets You Chose Who Adds You To A Group Chat

Whatsapp Latest Update Lets You Chose Who Adds You To A Group Chat - Surge Zirc SA
Istanbul, Turkey – September 18, 2015: Apple Iphone 6 screen with social media applications of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Linkedin, Tango, Perisfind and Snapchat while a male finger is about to touch on Whatsapp app.

Whatsapp has added control so you can control what message jumps into your Whatsapp page. So you can bid goodbye to the era of being added to a group without your permission. Henceforth, you can only be in a group of your choice, with your permission.

Whatsapp revealed today that it’s adding a service that will allow its users to have an option to control who adds them to groups. You can choose “nobody,” “my contacts,” or “everyone.” It’s not as granular as some would have loved it to be, you can’t choose ­between contacts, for instance, but it will at least put pay to spam-adds from randoms.

In the event that someone tries adding you to a group and your settings prevent the effort, the fellow will be required to send you a private message with an invite link, which will be valid for 72 hours. So if you select “nobody” you are been required to join a group for a business meeting to decide who head a pep-talk on Monday, you have just three days to accept otherwise get ready to stage a story to cover up.

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Whatsapp is looking at bringing a more tougher policies to control privacy overlaps on its platforms, mostly in countries where people add numbers to groups just to have them in the groups for their own private reasons.

This is the last action or invention by Whatsapp to check security on its platform. The Facebook owned platform is presently testing an image search tool to that will help it fight fake news, has limited message forwarding and recently announced a fact-checking service in India.

This new feature will come to your Whatsapp in the next few weeks after you must have updated the app on your mobile phone or any other device where you use the app. It will be found in Settings >/ Account >/ Privacy >/ Groups.

Source: Engadget

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