Here’s ‘Late Night Confession’ My Wife Xoli Zewas Presented Last Night

Here's 'Late Night Confession' My Wife Xoli Zewas Presented Last Night - Surge Zirc SA
Mr and Mrs Zewas / Photo file: Surge Zirc media

I’d earlier complained of feeling a bit sick when I got back from work and my wife suggested it could be work stress. But pretty much later, I began coughing more profusely and had tears dripping down my eyes, and my wife woke up to reality “daddy you’ve got flue” she concluded.

I didn’t even know what direction the treatment of flue should take, it wasn’t something I’ve ever encountered before. It’s not a West African Kind of illness. Before I could say another word she had brought Vicks Vaporrub, which she applied on my back, chest, nose, and throat. Next, she brought a table spoon full of syrup. I never boarded asking what the syrup cures, I only know it’s medicine. LOL!!!

As we went back to bed – lying down, then comes the “Late Night Confession By My Lovely Wife”.  I would rather say them in her own words.

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“I never knew how lovely marriage could be until now. I’ve always wondered how possible it could be living with one person everyday, wake up to see him, come back from work knowing he’s either coming back soon or he is already at home.”

“It’s so lovely having you as a friend and a husband, now I have someone to talk to, play with, it’s so lovely having you around me darling. I could recall at this time in the last year, I usually stay alone or have a family member next to me. Oh, marriage is so sweet!”

“But I think the happiness one finds in marriage largely depends on whom they marry. Anyways, I couldn’t have been happier. Just get well soon my love.”

Those were her words as she was patting me like a baby, seriously!!! To be realistic, I was sick, but I felt them deep inside of me. Most times, when I look at us, I wonder how people come to the conclusion of cheating on their partners and eventually head-up for divorce. Divorce who!??, Such a lovely, beautiful, understanding and intelligent young lady. No way!! For me alone, the divorce institutions in our societies would be irrelevant.

This brings me to the fear I was made to go through when I as a Nigerian told my friends that I was getting married to a South African Lady. Self-acclaimed professional advisors and wise counselors wouldn’t let me say it twice before telling me ”those foreign ladies are not up to any good. In fact they hardly remain in marriage.”

But as the discouraging advises kept flooding-in in their numbers, I kept wondering if there aren’t failed marriages between Nigerian men who married Nigerian women. Meanwhile, I could see a lot around. Next, are there no genuine couples in South Africa who got married in their youthful age, bear children and remain married till old age?? There must be, so I concluded I was going and I must marry her, no matter the odds!!

Meanwhile, it was crazy right from Nigerian Immigration stands at the airport, when I told the immigration officers that I was traveling to South Africa to marry a South African lady I met online. They all thought it was a prank to get my ass into the country. But the truth remains that I never wish to base in South Africa, I’ve always wanted my family base in UK and so it is.

The discouragement I went through was absolutely nothing when compared to the humiliation my wife went through when she opened-up to her friends, colleagues and family that she was going to get married to a Nigerian. Everyone believed she was insane. First, they assured her that her Nigerian lover will never show up. When she told me, I said, ”If you believe me than disbelieve them.”

When I arrived South Africa, those of her friends who fought to discourage her went hiding, they could not even show-up on our traditional wedding, you know why? The shame would be too much for them to bear.

Even at her work place, some started looking for what never got lost – claiming her Nigerian husband must have received whatever it was that was missing. All were done to get deep at her, so she could change her mind. What they do not know till date is that my lovely wife blesses God everyday for being married to me. That’s the reason I’m putting up this article.

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I’ll not delve much into what happened at my wife’s work place following a media publication that revealed I bought her a diamond ring worth R49 999. Which prompted jealousy and envy and she was subjected to what actors at her work place believed to be humiliation not knowing it’s a blessing in disguise. Pretty soon, I’ll write in detail what transpired at her office following our marriage (a genuine union) and would mention names of the primitive fellows who took part in the shameful attempt to humiliate an innocent lady just for the nationality of the person she chose to marry.

They thought she was getting married to an unschooled jobless and probably drug peddling Nigerian. Only if they knew better. All Nigerians are not bad and so are all South Africans not bad. Let’s be civilized and deal with people individually – not being irrational.

My wife always tells me if she is given a second life she would still be my wife. Aw, so sweet right? It is!! I would smile and say, ”you are the best wife any man could ever wish for.”

Now, this doesn’t mean we do not fight, we do, even though they’re not serious fights, not physical combat. Never!! We disagree at times, but the love, understanding, patience and tolerance we share have always helped us not to let anger see the next day. I love this lady, trust me, I truly do!!

Next, I would talk about her relationship with my family, especially my mom, it’s lovely!!

Source: Sam Zewas

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