ANC Chief Whip Mthembu Confirms His Daughter Just Committed SUICIDE!!

ANC Chief Whip Mthembu Confirms His Daughter Just Committed Suicide - Surge Zirc SA
Jackson Mthembu / Photo file: Screengrab

The daughter of ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu has committed suicide as a result of depression. No one knows yet why the politician’s eldest daughter, Khwezi Mthembu who was 25 years old before her death decided to end her own life at such an early age.

Her father, Jackson Mthembu took to his Twitter handle to share the sad news on Wednesday morning.

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“We are in deep pain. We don’t know what led her to take her own life at such a tender age of 25 years,” his tweet read.

Looks like the ANC Chief Whip has more inner sorrow than anyone can imagine, because he had initially expressed how broken he was after he realized his son was grossly adicted to drugs.

We could imagine such a level of drug addiction that warranted an influential father opening up on media that his son is a drug addict. Mthembu also stated that several effort has been made to rehabilitate him but all to no avail.

The biggest question so far is, ”why would Khwezi Mthembu commit suicide since she seem to have access to every good thing life can offer?” Meanwhile, Mr. Mthembu once admitted being an absent father in an interview with 702, where he also stated his interest to do better.

But, could father’s absenteeism at home lead a child to depression and eventually committing suicide?

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We need to figure out the answer to this, so we can help families facing similar situations. Scroll down to drop a comment. Tell us what you think could lead to the young ladies action and if it’s possible for children to get that bad just because of their father’s absent from home.

You comment can save lives out-there!!

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