See Which Photo Jidenna Joined Ten Year Grown-Up Challenge With

See Which Photo Jidenna Joins Ten Year Grown-Up Challenge With - Surge Zirc SA
Singer Jindenna / Photo file: Instagram

The Nigerian – American singer Jidenna finally head-up to the ten year grown-up challenge which made rounds on the internet last two months, when almost all celebrities and fans mostly in Africa posted ten years backward photos of them on social media.

The photos showed clear transformation as many looked totally different when compared their present look with whom they were ten years back. It was fun!!

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You could even ague most of the old photos weren’t the persons who posted them, due to rare resemblance. Money transformed a lot, fame did others justice, while quite a few barely looked different from whom they were.

Where do you think this Nigerian-American singer belongs, did he change a lot? Feel the ten year back photo of Jidenna.

See Which Photo Jidenna Joins Ten Year Grown-Up Challenge With - Surge Zirc SA
Jidenna 10 years back / Photo file: Instagram

A lot of peeps are saying he’s been handsome from day one. Some say his look didn’t change, lot more says ”How come you looked like another J.cole?” The singer has also been asked to bring back his ”dreadlocks” demn!! I don’t get why he should do that. Do you prefer Jidenna of ten years back to Jidenna of today. Lets find out. Scroll down the page and hit the comment button,,,lets feel you!!

We bring you one of his hit tracks ”Bambi” video, WATCH!!

Source: Intagram

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