Perez Hilton Is A Racist!! Quit Writing About ‘Michael Jackson’ He’s Dead

Perez Hilton Is A Racist!! Quit Writing About 'Michael Jackson' He's Dead - Surge Zirc SA
Michael Jackson and Perez Hilton / Photo file: Google

It’s still not clear what PerezHilton via his blog posts really intend achieving by digging up Michael Jackson’s past deeds. Its absolutely inconsequential now if he was a pedophile when he was alive or not. Those were cases Michael was tried and acquitted for while still living, now he’s dead, digging up footage showing he and whosoever in a supermarket down the street or in a room on the victims makes no sense. Michael is dead and can’t defend himself base on any of these allegations.

In addition to torch-lighting headlines to generate traffic to hit more dollars, Perez is a clear ‘Racist’. His voracious interest in R. Kelly’s case speaks volume of his racism. He has practically amplified all R. Kelly matters coating them more than they actually were, just to see a black influential guy ‘go down’.

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Meanwhile, fighting the living for a selfish interest, is understood, but fighting the dead with all might suggests one need a psychiatric attention.

Someone should spill-it-out, I mean all Perez supporters should speak up, should Michael Jackson kids be arrested for a crime their dad committed while they weren’t yet born? Maybe his dead body should be tried. This madness has got to stop!!

Tiara sensibly noted under one of Perez numerous post against Michael Jackson publish on

”Okay, I logged in just to comment because this sensationalist journalism, public lynching, bandwagoning and reaching is truly sickening of you Perez. I understand you need to make money because you have a family, but have some damn morals that would make your kids proud of you in the long run. Nothing happened here. Michael bought sunglasses, not jewelry. So, how is going to a store something that proves allegations made decades later? If a woman took her friend’s kid to the store, would they be so scrutinized?

”I am not an MJ fan, but anyone with eyeballs can see that the two accusers are liars in it for a money grab. Either they lied back when in court or they are lying now. One is a well known cheater so why on earth does he have any credibility now? Why are we offering someone with a noted documented lack of morals a platform to continue to ruin the lives of others? Who gains and who suffers? Michael has 3 kids too. Are you conveniently forgetting about them while you try to milk these stories for ad revenue? Their dad is dead though, and he was already tried in a court of law.

”These accusers tried and failed to use the court system (again) to circumvent the law with lies to score a payday. Stop giving them a platform to act out their reckless and immoral behaviours. Michael is dead. Whatever he was then is not a threat to anyone now. Move on and focus on living, breathing threats. But you won’t because even in your vids you said it: you only care about money and you, like those two, would use your kids in vids to try and score views. You’re all peas in a pod. Sick.”

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Tiara had to delve a little bit into what could’ve possibly transpired, but I would not, it’s crazy, it’s absurd discussing it. If this reckless attitude of using blogging platforms to ruin black influential personalities does not cease, then some whack black dudes may also let loose for a retaliation chase.

Perez must run his blogging job with some respect for humanity!!!

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