British MPs Set To Vote On No-Deal Brexit, Exit From The EU

British MPs Set To Vote On No-Deal Brexit, Exit From The EU - Surge Zirc SA
Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said parliament faced ‘unenviable choices’ after it voted down the Brexit deal / Photo file: AFP

British MPs will vote Wednesday to decide whether they want to quit “no-deal Brexit” exit from the EU or not, following facts that business leaders warned the country was “staring down the precipice” after its parliament rejected an exit agreement.

British Parliament is expected to vote against leaving the bloc without a deal — although it remains the default option unless an alternative can be secured by the fast approaching date set aside for the Brexit.

MPs on Tuesday like it has always done rejected the withdrawal deal agreed between Brussels and Prime Minister Theresa May, despite the fact that the embattled leader has obtained a last-minute assurances from EU chiefs on key sticking points.

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Meanwhile, if a no-deal Brexit is rejected, MPs will decide via vote on Thursday, whether to seek an extension to the departure process that would conclude its 46-year EU membership or not.

But European Union through it chief  Brexit negotiator said it had done all it could and it’s now left for Britain to decide what it wants to do next.

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said Brussels will not rework the painstakingly-negotiated withdrawal agreement.

Barnier told the European Parliament in Strasbourg. “It is the responsibility of the United Kingdom to tell us what it wants in a future relationship, what is its choice, it’s the question that must be answered even before any decision on an extension. Why would we prolong the negotiation? To do what? Because the… negotiation is finished, we have a treaty, it’s there,” he said, holding up the 585-page document.”

Source: AFP

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