Gugu Ncube Naked Protester Against Sex Abuse Boss Got Arrested

Gugu Ncube Naked Protester Against Boss Sex Abuse Got Arrested - Surge Zirc SA
Gugu Ncube being dragged to be arrested by the police / Photo file: News24

Gugu Ncube, a young lady who staged a naked protest outside Union Building in Pretoria in the morning hours of Wednesday against her boss who abused her sexually and the police has been taken in by the police.

The lady who from all indication doesn’t look mad, demonstrated outside the seat of government after alleging that her boss at former University of South Africa ‘UNISA’ center asked her for sex if she wants to keep her job, and she declined as it is her right to give sex to whomever she deemed necessary. According to Gugu Ncobe, the boss who’s influential is using the police to abuse her.

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Following the refusal, her boss sacked her and claimed she’d resigned willingly. She says this was when her manager made the unwanted and unsolicited advances.

“I want the Unisa management to show the country, Thuma Foundation, Commission For Gender Equality and other interested parties, my resignation letter they claim I tendered. This is my demand,” she said before the protest this morning.

Gugu Ncube had decided to carry out naked protest because she believed there’s nothing more to hide after stripping her of her dignity as a woman.

“Nudity is a sign of my dignity that l have been stripped of. I have nothing more to protect. My dignity is gone.”

Gugu Ncube protest / Photo file: News24

Gugu Ncube strives to get the attention of President Cyril Ramaphosa over the alledged abuse, since she has lost confidence in the police whom she claimed that have manhandled her since she exposed her boss.

“I have seen first-hand, a commissioner sitting on my supposed tribunal taking bribe money to discredit me. I have seen corrupt police come to arrest me unprocedurally because my abuser has money to pay them. I will be heard,” Gugu Ncube said.

University of South Africa on their part says Ncube’s claims have nothing to do with them. Really??

“It is regrettable that Ms Ncube is persisting with her action of dragging the name of Unisa into her dispute with UCECE (Unisa Centre for Early Childhood Education); and in the process bringing our name into disrepute. Whilst we respect her right to fight for what she believes is unfair treatment towards her, we appeal to her to desist from her actions; and that the name of the university should not be dragged into this matter as it is solely between herself and UCECE,” said Unisa Principal and Vice Chancellor Mandla Makhanya.

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Sunnyside police spokesperson Captain Daniel Mavimbela said:

“Our members were called after it was reported that a woman was standing nude at the Union Buildings. She is expected to be charged with public indecency and should appear in court soon. It is an offense to stand nude in a public place.”

I really wondered why the arrest, what she wore out there wasn’t different from what celebrities wears around, common, who has been arrested for wearing a near nude stuff. This lady’s private parts weren’t seen by anyone.

We hope Gugu Ncube gets justice as the matter if not controlled could lead to depression  and eventually suicide.

Readers please advice, what do you think? your comment could help get this young lady justice or give her the punishment she deserve, that’s if you think she is wrong with the whole thing.

SOURCE: News24

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