Zidane Risks Reputation To Accept Leading Real Madrid As New Coach

Zidane Risks Reputation To Accept Leading Real Madrid As New Coach - Surge Zirc SA
Zinedine Zidane was re-appointed as coach of Real Madrid on Monday. / Photo file: AFP

Zinedine Zidane is coming back to Real Madrid exactly 284 days after he left to take over the mantle of leadership from Santiago Solari who has been shamefully sacked as coach following poor performance.

Right In a fully packed auditorium in the belly of the Santiago Bernabeu in the late hours of Monday, when Raul and Roberto Carlos were presently present at the front row and  journalists packed up to get the latest, just in an hour and a half comes the official announcement.

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Meanwhile, recall the event of May 31 2018, when Zidane came clean by telling the chairman of Real Madrid Florentino Perez, that the team would not keep winning with him in charge.

After Zidane left, the club has also refused to win without him, first was under the watch of  Julen Lopetegui, the Spain coach that was sacked, and now Solari, whose tenure could be described as worst.

The Madrid new coach Zidane said, “When the president called me the first thing I thought was: go, which begs the question: what has changed?”

It’s sure not out of place for Zidane to wonder what next considering he just left, though it’s expected that resting for long may have instill some changes for Zidane, who said himself, “I have never been far away”.

Analyst says:

”He has stayed in Madrid and attended a handful of matches, while three of his sons still play for the club at various levels. For him, the move back might have been less of a leap than it seems from the outside.

”Yet the greatest lure may be that the team has been failing. For the best coaches, and players, there is always self-belief, a sense that no problem is too big to solve.

”Zidane knew he would return with more authority than ever, far more even than after he had hoisted a third consecutive Champions League trophy.

”The suspicion then was that he was just a face, a popular manager to keep the ship steady while star players engineered their own success.”

Zidane seem more sure of what he’s going to do now then ever.

“I returned because the president called me. I love him and I love this club, we will change things, for sure, for the years to come.” he said.

Analyst continued:

”Zidane could have waited until the summer but the job might not have been available. Jose Mourinho, speaking on his increasingly regular public appearances, seemed eager.

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”Perez was under fire from all directions, from the fans, many of whom blamed the board more than Solari in the newspaper polls, and from the players, led by Sergio Ramos.”

”The problem is bad planning,” Ramos said during a heated argument with Perez the president following last week’s 4-1 defeat to Ajax.

A new coach could ease the pressure and one like Zidane, remove it almost completely.

“We need to start working on a new glorious era,” said Perez. “That is why we welcome back Zinedine Zidane.”

Source: AFP

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