Begum The IS Runaway Teen’s Baby Son Dies In Syria

Begum The IS Runaway Teen's Baby Son Dies In Syria - Surge Zirc SA
Britain stripped Shamima Begum of her citizenship last month despite her wishes to return to the country / Photo file: AFP

The baby son of Shamima Begum the British born teenager who left London to join the Islamic State sect has died of Pneumonia at 19 years in Syria.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said. Meanwhile, Begum was stripped of her British citizenship in London despite her wish to return, she gave birth last month in a refugee camp in northeastern Syria.

A medical certificate shows that the dead baby suffered from Pneumonia according to BBC report.

Apparently, this is not the first child the teenager is giving birth to that died. She previously lost two of her kids to death as a result of malnutrition and illnesses.

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Begum, the runaway teenager left east London for Syria when she was 15 years old with two other schoolgirls. Right now, she said last month she wanted to return to Britain after fleeing fighting between Islamic State and US-backed forces.

Begum’s case has flashed light on the trouble facing many European countries, divided over whether to allow jihadists and IS sympathisers home to face prosecution or bar them from entry as the jihadists’ “caliphate” crumbles.

Prior to the child’s death Begum told BBC, “Losing my children the way I lost them, I don’t want to lose this baby as well and this is really not a place to raise children, this camp.”

Despite the fact that Begum has shown remorse for her action, the British public sentiment refused her from returning to London.

Home Affairs Secretary, Sajid Javid revoked her citizenship, seeing her as a security risk, meanwhile the government thought of treating her newborn son’s case as different. Now the son is dead!

Source: AFP

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