Odds We Picked From Linda Ikeji’s Presentation In Durban S A – Watch HERE!

Odds We Picked From Linda Ikeji's Presentation In Durban S A - Watch HERE! - Surge Zirc SA
Linda Ikeji while delivering a speech at the Forbs leading women summit in Durban, South Africa

Linda Ikeji made it to the Forbes Leading Women Summit in Durban, South Africa, where she shared her inspiring story. Her presentation left us with two major odds, which would have been corrected if the outing she made was a rehearsal.

Seeing the Nigerian blogging star on the podium, presenting the story of how she started from grass, then toiled through humiliating circumstances and finally joined the league of billionaires is quite inspiring, I would say, she’s a leading example to both younger female and male entrepreneurs, I don’t want to lie!!

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But I coudn’t help but disengaged my eyes from the screen when the professional celebrity gossiper started speaking and littering the speech with ”em…em” who does that!! At such level of event? Gush!

Linda Ikeji letter took to her Instagram page to confirm our suspicion, ”I was so jittery but I did it! Always grateful for any opportunity to share my story and inspire others!”

Just can’t continue with this piece , but I must leave Ikeji with two key-point as advice. First, get a private tutor to couch you on public speaking. Next, do rehearsal before time!

”Muttering words during public address sucks, and it ruins the whole idea.”  

Watch HERE!!

Source: Instagram

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