Sarri Expects To Stay With Chelsea Next Season, What Do You Think!?

Sarri Expect To Stay With Chelsea Next Season, What Do You Think?? - Surge Zirc SA
Maurizio Sarri insists he will still be at Chelsea next season / Photo file: AFP

Sarri is still dusting his seat to remain in Chelsea despite many calling for his sack following Chelsea’s humiliating Premier League defeats.

Sarri was almost sacked after Chelsea lost at Bournemouth and Manchester City and then crashed out of the FA Cup against Manchester United shamefully. Chelsea also lost the League Cup final to Manchester City, with Sarri in charge.

No one knows exactly what will become of Chelsea should Sarri remain. Meanwhile, Sarri is still very sure of remaining in Chelsea’s future. Sarri told newsmen when he was asked about his job prospects,

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“It’s not a big problem. The problem is the results. All the rest is not important at this moment, I want to win for the team, for the club, not for me. It’s not important. I’m confident. I was confident in the past, and I am confident now of course. We were talking about the problem of the next pre-season. So we were trying to organise in the best way the next pre-season. But I want to think only to our performances and our results. Nothing else. It’s not important if I’m here next season.”

It seems Sarri is not through with bring Chelsea down as he plan to take the risk of resting some of his stars for the Kiev game, in the midst of a hectic schedule that includes a home game against Wolves on Sunday.

He also shares the worry of Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino in connection with English clubs being at a disadvantage in European competitions due to difficult schedules.

Sarri said, “I think the Premier League could do something more for the teams involved in European competitions, If you play in the Europa League in Italy, after the match away you can ask to play on Monday. One day more to rest. I think that’s really very important. For example, when we will play in the Premier League after 62 or 63 hours after the match against Dynamo Kiev. I think it’s too early.”

Meanwhile, it’s only winning the Europa League that will guarantee Chelsea‘s return to the Champions League next season, but how so, when Sarri is still hopeful of qualifying for the tournament with a top-four finish in the Premier League.

Chelsea is at sixth in the English top chart, two points after Manchester United who is at fourth.

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“I think we can gain the spot in the Champions League in the Premier League, We are fighting. We are only two points away, at the moment, and have to play one match in hand. But the Europa League is a very important competition, the second in Europe, an important trophy with a spot for the Champions League. It’s a very important target for us.” Sarri assures.

But we are not sure how important Sarri is to Chelsea with a very clear bad record so far.

Do Chelsea still need him? Let’s hear!!

Source: AFP

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