Buhari’s First ‘Second Tenure’ Assignment May Be To Reconcile With Nigerians

Buhari's First Second Tenure Assignment May Be To Reconcile With Nigerians - Surge Zirc SA
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari / Photo file: Hausa ng

Still in the spirit of victory over the 23rd February 2019 election, Muhammadu Buhari tweeted that he will be returning to his home town in Daura in Katsina State for final settling down, but ”until then” he will continue to do his best for Nigerians in the areas of security, infrastructure, jobs and fighting corruption. Reactions sparked!!

”At the end of this second and final term, I will, God willing, return to Daura and settle down. Until then, I will continue to do my best for Nigeria, in security, infrastructure, jobs, fighting corruption. I will work even harder than I have done; I will not let Nigerians down.” Buhari tweeted.

The twitter comments from the post is rather ”hilarious” than ”appreciation” from Nigerians.

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A twitter account user reacted thus to the post: ”Unfortunately we all know your second tenure will end just like the first, or even worse. More blame on the opposition, Crass nepotism, Zero regard for the rule of law, Display of tyrannical tendencies, Massive job lose, Overall woeful economic performance.”

While another twitter account user says:

This could stair-up a question like ”did Nigerians truly mandated Buhari for second tenure?” Nevertheless, We suggest President Buhari work towards satisfying the needs of common Nigerians, pay attention to the rule of law, and above all mount spot light on providing jobs.

It will also not be a crime if Nigeria as a country carve out some necessary grants, like grant for the elderly, grant for the disable and some others as it is with South Africa and other developed countries.

Who knows, he may be hailed by Nigerians, though we aren’t expecting him to be liked by everyone, but the trashing on social media will reduce to a reasonable extent.

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