Buhari’s Family Celebrates New ‘Four Years In Office’ Amid Vote Rigging Scandal

Buhari's Family Celebrates New 'Four Years In Office' Amid Vote Rigging Scandal - Surge Zirc SA
Nigerian President Buhari’s family / Photo file: Instagram

While the major opposition party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate Atiku are busy crying and alleging rigging of the votes, Buhari of APC and his family are also busy celebrating the victory of the Nigerian election, which is another four years in office, be it free and fair, or not.

It also doesn’t matter whether Nigerians are enjoying the system or not, four is four, and so it was demonstrate by every member of Buhari’s family by showing four fingers in a photo.

Little wonder why Buhari told newsmen at the airport, while coming back from his home town Katsina State, that he doesn’t care about who is leading, he only cares about what INEC says and whom the election regulatory body declares winner, maybe because INEC chairman holds his mandate.

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After casting his vote at his home town on Saturday the 23rd, Buhari told newsmen in a short video that went viral that he will congratulate himself because he must win, after he was asked if he will congratulate whoever that wins the election, like former president Jonathan congratulated him in 2015.

The PDP candidate Atiku has rejected the election result, which declared Buhari the winner by INEC, but at this point nothing else can be done aside going to court.

It’s also very much obvious that PDP will challenge the election outcome in court pretty soon. lets seat back and watch events as they unfold!

As for all other parties who contested, their matters are better not discussed.

The election claimed lives in Rivers State and some other places in the country and has not stop raising dust as crowed reacts disappointingly over the result that was announce by INEC.

Source: Instagram

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