Ramaphosa Would Not Disclose Contract Doc. Between His Son And Bosasa

Ramaphosa Would Not Disclose Contract Doc. Between His Son And Bosasa - Surge Zirc SA
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa / Photo file: News24

If he’s not going to show it to Mmusi Maimane, he’s not going to show it to Julius Malema either – this seems to be President Cyril Ramaphosa’s approach to opposition leaders who want to see the contract between his son Andile and notorious facilities management company African Global Operations, formerly known as Bosasa.

Last year, Ramaphosa told the National Assembly, in an answer to a question from DA leader Maimane, that his son Andile had received money from Bosasa for services rendered in terms of a consultancy contract.

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Ramaphosa later backtracked in a letter to National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete, saying the R500 000 payment in question was actually a donation to his ANC presidential campaign, which he was previously unaware of.

In a written parliamentary question, EFF leader Malema asked Ramaphosa if “he still maintains the existence of the contract that he read with his own eyes and if he will furnish Mr J S Malema with a copy of the contract”.

Ramaphosa answered: “As I indicated in my statement to the Public Protector of 1 February 2019, in September 2018, my son, Mr Andile Ramaphosa, showed me two documents:  An Advisory Mandate signed in December 2017 between his company, Blue Crane Capital (Pty) Ltd, and African Global Operations (AGO) for possible business entry and activities in some East African countries. An Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy signed with AGO in January 2018.”

In response to the second part of Malema’s question, whether he “will furnish Mr J S Malema with a copy of the contract”, Ramaphosa said: “It is not for me to share the contractual arrangements of private companies, including any belonging to my son.”

This, after it emerged last week that Ramaphosa refused to release the contract between his son and Bosasa to the DA, who requested it in an application lodged in terms of Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA).

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Sweeping the debate on the State of the Nation Address (SONA) for the DA last Wednesday, MP Solly Malatsi said Maimane had been informed that the Presidency would not provide the requested information because it did not have it.

“This is not the behaviour of someone with nothing to hide,” Malatsi said.

“Between you, your son and Bosasa, someone’s got something to hide.”

Malatsi challenged Ramaphosa to come clean when answering the debate the following day. But Ramaphosa did nothing of the sort. He didn’t respond to Malatsi’s speech at all and didn’t mention Bosasa once, even though most opposition speakers hammered on it during the debate.

Ramaphosa also could not say whether any of the donors for his campaign to become ANC president had government contracts.

EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu asked whether the donors of his political campaign were holders of government contracts and if so, what their names were and which government contracts they held.

“As I indicated in my statement to the Public Protector of 1 February 2019, a deliberate decision was taken by myself and those leading the ‘CR17’ campaign that, apart from attending dinners with potential funders, I would not be involved in fundraising, nor would I be provided with the identity of donors or the amounts pledged, as I did not want to feel under obligation to them in any shape or form at any time in the future,” Ramaphosa answered.

“As a consequence: I do not have the names of the donors. I do not know if they hold government contracts.”

Shivambu also wanted to know if Ramaphosa’s campaign paid back the R500 000 donation, and whether he was shown proof of payment.

“As I indicated in my statement to the Public Protector of 1 February 2019, I have been informed by the former ‘CR17’ campaign managers that, following an unsuccessful attempt to meet Mr Gavin Watson in order to arrange for the return of the donation, an amount of R500 000 has been transferred into an attorney’s trust account,” Ramaphosa answered.

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“The funds will remain there until such time as these matters surrounding African Global Operations are clarified following various concerning disclosures before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture. Thereafter, a decision will be made as to whether these monies should be returned to the account from where they came, passed on to appropriate government authorities or donated to a charity.

“The former ‘CR17’ campaign managers have shown me proof of payment.”

Source: As published by News24

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