Nigeria’s President Buhari Official Address After Vote Postponement

Nigeria's President Buhari Official Address After Vote Postponement - Surge Zirc SA
Muhammadu Buhari / Photo file: Twitter

Muhammadu Buhari official address after the 11th hour vote postponement last weekend is targeted at erasing the expectation of violence and ballot-box snatching which the largest populated nation in Africa has been known for.

”This government assures all voters of their protection before, during and after the vote” Buhari said.

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It may not be very clear how the president intend achieving such protection as lives and properties have been reportedly destroyed while the election is still facing date-shift.

The brief public address which lasted for a minute, forty-five second, which also show Buhari burying his face and reading from an outline was to commemorate with Nigerians who traveled from far to vote but couldn’t do so.

As Nigerians go to the poll, they most realize that in a growing technological world, with the invention of smart systems all over the places, a smart leader would be more better.

I quite don’t get why a president of a nation will not be able to make such a brief address to the nation without an outline. While there are thousands of younger notable and vibrant personalities in the country who can deliver 3 hour lecture without a note.

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”I appeal to all Nigerians not to lose hope in our electoral system. Do not allow the unexpected postponement by INEC to prevent you from exercising your civic right. Our administration remains committed to a credible electoral process in which your votes will count.” Buhari said in a tweet.

South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa’s SONA address is a good example of how eloquent and smart a president of a nation should be for the nation to be sure of moving forward.  Watch!

Nigeria must decide.

Source: Twitter

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