Aw!! Arsene Wenger Had The Biggest Shock After Mourinho Praised Him

Aw!! Arsene Wenger Had The Biggest Shock After Mourinho Praised Him - Surge Zirc SA
Wenger with his Laureus Lifetime Achievement award / Photo file: AFP

Arsene Wenger could still recall how often he had clash with Jose Mourinho, when he was asked what surprised him most, the award or Mourinho praising him, he said “That is a very good question, it was a surprise yes. We had some good fights at times. What was even more unexpected was that the man on the touchline won an award.” Arsene Wenger said.

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Ever since Arsene Wenger left Arsenal FC, he has been linked with different jobs including the ”director of football” post at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Wenger admitted that he had been taken aback when he watched the video at the awards ceremony.

“An even bigger surprise is usually the lifetime achievement award goes to a Pele, a Maradona or a Beckenbauer. Tonight it is a player from a little village but it is good that coaches are rewarded in our game.” said Arsene Wenger.

Recall that one of Wenger’s points of success included tearing up the book on the players diet when he arrived at Arsenal initially and introducing healthy eating habits, which was not universally accepted.

“I forbid them eating Mars bars.” Said Wenger ”the man who still has the virus of football in his blood” and still wakes up every morning and night wondering what match is to be played next.

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“So at first I was greeted on the team coach with chants of “we want our Mars bars”. They did not get them. Today it shows how much football has changed you would never hear footballers demanding Mars bars.” Arsene Wenger said. So good!

Source: AFP

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