Pule Mabe Escape Another Sexual Allegation To Return To Luthuli House

Pule Mabe Escape Another Sexual Allegation To Return To Luthuli House - Surge Zirc SA
Pule Mabe

ANC spokesman Pule Mabe will most likely return to Luthuli House any moment from now since he’s been cleared and discharged of the alleged sexual harassment case hanging on him. A staff in Pule Mabe’s department dropped the allegation against him.

The current acting national spokes person Mr. Zizi Kodwa said, “The parties to the grievance reached agreement on all human resource issues and signed a mediation agreement to this effect, the parties did not reach agreement on the allegation of sexual harassment and the matter was referred for a formal grievance hearing.”

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The ANC party had formed a grievance ad-hoc committee, with the national executive committee (NEC) member, Sdumo Dlamini as chairman, Thoko Didiza and two representatives from Luthuli House, to look into the matter.

The committee had looked into the matter and could not find anything substantial based on their December and January hearing. They therefore, recommend the following:

  • ”The ANC should within three months adopt a sexual harassment policy, and train all its management and staff in offices throughout the country on this policy.””’
  • ”Address the human resource issues raised during the grievance procedure and ensure the complainant’s reintegration as an employee of the ANC.”
  • ”The privacy of staff and manager’s bedrooms at meetings be respected, and where meetings are to be held or work to be done, arrangements be made for such to take place in meeting rooms or public spaces.”

It appears ANC had accepted the finding made by the committee and their suggestions therefore. The 26-year-old lady who made the complain and Paul Mabe will return to Luthuli House anytime this week to resume work.

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Pule Mabe must be very careful owing to the fact that his former PA had giving him a 14 pages letter, which detailed alleged sexual harassment at the first assignment she did with him, where she claimed Pule Mabe forced himself into her bed on two different occasions earlier this year.

It appears the ANC spokesperson is being very smart as he continues to meander his way out of several sexual allegations, but we know one day, just one day,,,the truth will be open for everyone to see, and it’s soon.

Source: News24

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