Corruption At The Department Of Justice Linked To Bosasa Fraud

Corruption At The Ministry Of Justice Linked To Bosasa Fraud - Surge Zirc SA
Minister Michael Masutha. / Photo file: Twitter

Anyway, it’s not quite clear how long it will take to unveil all shoddy deals related to the Global Technology Solutions formerly known as Bosasa, as more issues continues to erupt on daily basis.

Right inside the ministry of justice, Minister Michael Masutha disclosed the precautionary suspension of an official in its security management department, which is linked to an internal probe of an inconsistent procurement services by Bosasa.

Minister Michael Masutha said ”a letter had also been served on a senior official in security management in order for her to detail why she should not be put on precautionary suspension regarding the delay in procuring surveillance and monitoring for courts. This led to a contract being rolled over month-to month.

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”The head of the Office of the State Attorney in Gauteng was also under precautionary suspension following alleged collusion. At the same time, a prominent attorney in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, has been arrested for alleged fraudulent medico-legal claims amounting to more than R100m, and the Department of Health has put a hold on further medico-legal claims.

”The department was also planning to insource food services at prisons with an “offender skills programme” to replace the cancelled contract with African Global Systems, formerly known as Bosasa. Processes to transfer skilled staff from other facilities to assist where necessary are currently underway.”

Source: News24

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Philip Ernest
Philip Ernest
2 years ago

Let justice take it course!!