Thai Princess Has Been Disqualified As A PM Candidate

Thai Princess Has Been Disqualified As A PM Candidate - Surge Zirc SA
Uncertainty has coursed through Thailand since the Thai Raksa Chart party made the announcement that Princess Ubolratana would be their candidate for PM /Photo file: AFP

Thai Princess will no longer run for the position of the prime minister, as she has been disqualified, a decision which has automatically ended her brief and ill-fated political union with a party allied to the powerful Shinawatra clan. This happened just few days after a stern royal command rebuked her candidacy as issued by her brother, the king.

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According to a report, ”Uncertainty and conjecture have coursed through Thailand since Friday when the Thai Raksa Chart party made the explosive announcement of Princess Ubolratana, King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s elder sister, as their candidate for premier after the March 24 election.”

Her tilt appeared to some to be a masterstroke of back-room dealings by Thaksin Shinawatra, the billionaire self-exiled ex-premier, just weeks before the poll.

A few hours the announcement came that she will no longer be running, A royal command came from Thai Princess brother the King himself saying his sister was above politics as a monarch. The king described his sister’s political race as ”highly inappropriate”.

Thailand’s wealthy and powerful monarchy is revered by Thais and protected by a draconian lese majeste law, which means that the king’s word is seen as final and can not be argued.

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The Election Commission has formally announced the election candidates excluding Thai Princess on Monday 11th 2019, stating that “all royal family members are above politics.”

There are still background struggles by the party to bring back the princess, no one knows how possible that will be owing to the fact that the King has spoken and continues to see all royals as above politics.

Source: AFP

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