R. Kelly Vows To Expose Reasons Behind ‘SurvivingR.Kelly’ Docuseries

Glad R. Kelly is not just saying they are lying, he's rather presenting evidence to backup his claims.

R. Kelly Vows To Expose True Reasons Behind 'SurvivingR.Kelly' Docuseries - Surge Zirc SA
R. Kelly/Photo file: Instagram

R. Kelly have not been silent at all following the viral hashtag ‘SurvivingR.Kelly’ on social media and recorded visuals. The docuseries which streams evidence of R.Kelly’s supposed sex escapades with his sex slaves have been making waves so much that the singers music has been ban in most places.

R.Kelly has finally woken up to this course to proof his innocence, by creating a Facebook page to promote a counter hashtag ‘Survivinglies’. Though, as at the time of this publication the facebook page for ‘Surevivinglies’ has been pulled down by Facebook. When Surge Zirc SA visisted the page, Facebook said it has been removed for violation of its community policy.

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But that’s obviously not all R. Kelly is doing to get the lies out of his way. We’ve learnt that Kelly and his team are working on a new website for ‘Survivinglies.com’. The site promises to expose wicked lies spewed against the singer by many who may have failed on their personal missions against him.

First evidence that shows they are lying according to R. Kelly is Asante McGee – one of the women who’s spoken out and claims was one of Kelly’s “sex slaves” … but his team has put out a video that they say contradicts her story.

In another video Asante McGee’s daughter revealed that her mother is lying. Now, we’ve comments under the video on YouTube where some women are saying Asante McGee is surely lying but the other ones are not lying. Is it not possible that just as evidence made Asante a lier, same can also be the case of others.

This Gina Nicole says: ”All of these Women are Not lying especially about the herpes because that is humiliating . It’s embarrassing to tell the world that you were beat, starved , held against your will, forced to sleep with other Women and his gay lover. They all cannot be lying. Maybe this lady is the exception to the rule Or she is severely brain washed. She had to sell her soul to get those bags, clothes and money. (Allegedly)”

We can’t believe that they’re saying the truth simply because you feel it’s embarrassing to tell the world you went through all that. Women can do and say worst things just to bring a man they have grudges against down.

It’s better to work with evidence, not what they said. Anybody can claim anything.

It’s high time the phrase ”I’ll make you taste the venom of an angry woman” is not treated as a mere sentence. When acting to hit accomplishment in the spirit of that sentence, a woman can voice anything to bring-down her victim.

Glad R. Kelly is not just saying they are lying, he’s rather presenting evidence to backup his claims. The R.Kelly accusers must also present concrete and verifiable evidence for the world to see. We look forward to having the launch of the survivinglies.com, so more facts will be laid down.

If R. Kelly accuser wins over this course with ease, it won’t be long some pained infamous ladies will meet behind closed doors and pick-out another notable celebrity to bring down and it’ll continue as a trend.

Other celebrities being fast to speak against R. Kelly must beware they don’t become the next victims. After all, why would a victim wait for so long to report a case of that magnitude.

Nicole Coleman said, ”I think all of them are lying. . .dont get me wrong, I do believe that R. Kelly has a problem and has definitely done a lot of things he should not have done but I dont believe he held anybody against their will. . .I also cant take Andrea Kelly serious because she used to speak highly of R. Kelly for years after their divorce and now he was this horrible person to you, I just dont believe her, at all.”

That’s simply thinking straight. let’s not allow the shoddy ‘tears’ of women on missions in disguise cause us to inflict pain on innocent souls.

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