Twitter – If You Want To Be Productive Tomorrow, Quit Twitter Tonight

“The best way to avoid the problem [of poor next-day performance] is to practice good sleep hygiene,”

Twitter - If You Want To Be Productive Tomorrow, Quit Twitter Tonight - Surge Zirc SA
Woman texting and reading on smartphone in bed in midnight./Photo file: Huffpost

Twitter – Just before the work hour gets here, there’re some decisions that can kill the success even before it pulls on. It could be your boss whose day had already been ruined from his home, by God knows who. It could depend on how much you’d prepared the previous day, which is a factor you can well influence.

Depriving yourself sleep at night largely determines how well your productivity will play-out the following day at work how late you stay up on Twitter can affect your work performance, says a new study in the journal Sleep Health. Some other experts supported this research work.

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Using the NBA players as a case study, it’s apparent that every of their moves requires maximum productivity. What will such work look like when late night tweet the previous day deprived a player of sleep, so much that he gets dozing off in the filed of game?

Twitter Tonight And Next-Day Performance

There are detailed public records of how famous professional athletes perform at their jobs, and some of those data points can be easily matched with Twitter time stamps. Researchers analyzed 37,073 tweets made by 112 NBA players from 2009 to 2016, finding a link between late-night activity and poorer next-day game performance.

With the above analysis, you will discover that players who tweeted between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. local time before a scheduled game scored fewer points and had fewer rebounds. Their shooting percentage fell below by 1.7 percentage points after late-night tweeting. It got worse for players who were ardent late-night tweeters, falling about 3.7 percentage points.

Overall, late-night tweeters had fewer fouls and turnovers, possibly because they also played less time than required. Late-night tweeters played an average of two minutes less per game, it more glaring because coaches sees the difference in players who rested very well and those whom twitter stole their attention.

“It is possible that coaches may recognize early and subtle indicators of poor performance among those who have stayed up late the night before a game and pull these players off the court sooner,” the study authors says.

The author only based his research work on relativity devoid of other known factors that could also affect productivity like stress and more.

How to strike a balance

Still, Jason J. Jones, a Stony Brook University assistant professor of sociology and the study’s lead author, said the findings can be generalized, underscoring the importance of sleep.

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“The best way to avoid the problem [of poor next-day performance] is to practice good sleep hygiene,” he said. “Personally, I try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. and use night-mode settings on screens in the evening.”

”Learning when it is OK to scroll through social media and when you need to turn off your phone is all about balance,” Jones suggested.

“Of course, I break these rules when I feel like it,” he said. “Productivity isn’t the only goal in life, and I am frequently OK with trading a little productivity in exchange for late-night fun.“

In other words, your late-night habits can shift depending on your priorities for the next day. Do make a wise decision so you can be proud of your performance at work always.

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