Eight Migrants Detained From Dinghy In Kent As Sajid Javid Holds Talks

Ahead of a meeting with Border Force and security officials, Sajid Javid warns migrants making the crossing are in "grave danger".

Eight Migrants Detained From Dinghy In Kent As Sajid Javid Holds Talks - Surge Zirc SA
The boat landed on the beach at Lydd-on-Sea at 6am on New Year’s Eve/Photo file: Sky news

Eight suspected migrants heading to UK from the channel have been arrested amid an ongoing meeting between the home secretary with government over how to put a stop to the migrants crossing through the channel.

The unfortunate group struggling to cross through the channel were all nabbed immediately they landed on the beach in Lydd-on-sea at 6am. Thereafter, they were all taken to a immigration detention center in Dover.

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The flooding of migrants into the English shores has been a nut that is difficult to crack. Sajid Javid said, ”its out of our control.”

As it stand efforts is been made to get more security agencies involved, like the Border Force, the National Crime Agency NCA and more.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, he described the rise in perilous attempts to cross the English Channel as “deeply concerning” – and vowed that the government “will not stand by and allow reckless criminals to take advantage of some of the most vulnerable in our global society”.

Mr Javid while elaborating on the danger migrants face while making it to UK through the channel wrote: “The weather conditions are often treacherous and the inflatable boats being used are woefully ill-equipped to make such a dangerous journey. The migrants who choose to make the journey are putting their lives in grave danger.”

He added that “Organised crime gangs are targeting and profiteering from these vulnerable and often desperate people who want to come to the UK.”

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Before the current record, almost 100 migrants traveled from France to the UK in dinghies and other small vessels over the Christmas period. The suspected cause for the rise in journeys has been as a result of instability in the Middle East, organised crime and tighter security at Calais.

Mr Javid described France’s response to the recent incidents as “swift and thorough”.

Meanwhile, six Iranian men were detained after arriving on a beach in Kent on Sunday.

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